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How to use vert.x logging with Log4j and slf4j

Running vert.x with another logger tool looks easy, however I had a few problems getting this to work, after some reseach, some questions in the vert.x group (Thanks Tim), at least on bug fix by yours truly, it basically works.

= First of all, whats the point =

vert.x uses java.util.logging by default, which is quite ok for most use cases, however it doesn't support logging of class names, code locations etc, so a more fancy logging framework might be useful. There are many to choose from and everybody probably has their favorite, log4j, slf4j, logback, log4j2.

I personally usually use slf4j and log4j as backend for development (and simple logger for live systems, though I do not really have much of “live” things since we use other tools on my work projects), when running inside Eclipse, logback may be a good idea, somebody suggested log4j2 on the group.