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 +[01:28:28] <​Sticky>​ xkr47: yes
 +[07:52:10] <​xkr47>​ Sticky, thanks!
 +[09:23:27] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox
 +[22:04:49] <​stampy88>​ I have a question concerning the HttpClientRequest.connectionHandler callback when someone has a chance. Is the idea that this callback is invoked when a new connection is established for a request, or will it be invoked when a connection is assigned to a request as well?
 +[22:10:44] <​stampy88>​ because if you have 2 separate requests but only 1 connection, you'll get the handleConnection callback for the 1st, then the handleStream callback (on Waiter) for the 2nd