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[12:47:43] <AlexLehm> temporal_: about the proxy issue from Pavan Kumar, I am probably able to write a unit tests to reproduce the issue

[12:48:00] <temporal_> AlexLehm would be great for 3.3.1 this week

[12:48:07] <temporal_> AlexLehm would you mind to review the DNS PR ?

[12:48:31] <AlexLehm> I tried to test that in the beginning when I wrote the first version of the proxy code, but then didn't get it working and forgot about the tests when we wrote the channelprovider stuff

[12:49:05] <temporal_> AlexLehm ok, that would be awesome to fix that in the next couple of days

[12:51:10] <AlexLehm> yes, I am not sure how much time I can spend on the project for personal reasons, but i will certainly try to implement it

[12:51:26] <AlexLehm> and review the dns pr

[12:52:05] <temporal_> if you can have at least one reproducer it's great

[18:05:54] <sahlouls> hello

[18:06:40] <sahlouls> I'm looking for some advanced materials on how to deploy a vertx application, any help ?

[21:00:17] <temporal_> hi AlexLehm

[21:44:40] <AlexLehm> Hello Julien

[21:45:02] <AlexLehm> temporal_: Hello (not sure if I have to use usernames?)

[21:45:32] <temporal_> hi

[21:45:37] <temporal_> wanted to check how it's going

[21:47:16] <AlexLehm> ah, haven't gotten around to programming anything, had to watch Star Trek first :-)

[21:48:32] <temporal_> how was it ?

[21:49:45] <AlexLehm> the episode where Dr. Crusher has a lover who turns out to be a Trill, that was a good episode

[21:51:24] <temporal_> I thought you were talking of a movie

[21:51:43] <AlexLehm> ah, its Star Trek - The Next Generation

[21:51:46] <temporal_> yesterday I went to movie theater and I watched an announce for a new star trek movie

[21:51:57] <AlexLehm> yes, the movie is in about 2 weeks I think

[21:52:00] <AlexLehm> got to watch that

[21:54:52] <temporal_> we plan to stage a 3.3.1 release by wednesday

[21:55:55] <temporal_> night

[21:59:47] <AlexLehm> ok, i think i can create the unit test to show the failure now, maybe i can fix it this evening

[22:02:48] <temporal_> ok

[22:04:33] <temporal_> let me know when you know :-)