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[03:39:34] <BigusDiggus> using thmyleaf tpl engine, is there any way i can change the tpl engine and have it take effect in dev without restarting my app, its an extremely slow way to work

[03:47:00] <BigusDiggus> I am also looking at, which is exactely how i want to handle data nd rendering and tempalte syntax, this is a 3 year old version of vertx and there has been lots of changes , is this achievable.

[05:52:26] <voidDotClass> has any work been done towards http2 support, any docs / interfaces, that i could refer to while writing an impl?

[05:52:41] <voidDotClass> i'm going to impl http2 for myself and might be able to send it as a pr

[09:30:37] <pmlopes> @voidDotClass http2 is only going to be available once netty 4.1 is out so we're waiting for their side to be complete

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[10:44:51] <aesteve> hi everyone :)

[10:52:29] <temporalfox> hi arnaud

[15:05:09] <ibek> Hi, do you know about any good example of using vertx + rest api with json objects in java and perhaps together with mongodb? Particularly, I am not certain how effectively I can get JSON object from the HTTP request without too much hacking and modifying it for mongodb.

[15:08:39] <aesteve> :)

[15:09:43] <ibek> aesteve, I will look at it … according to the schema it looks similarly what I am trying to achieve … thank you

[15:26:12] <temporalfox> hi, I have made easier the ability to discover commands from Vert.x Shell in order to give ability to each Vert.x extension to plug in commands

[15:26:54] <temporalfox> I moved the existing Dropwizard commands in its own project

[15:26:56] <temporalfox>

[15:27:08] <temporalfox> with an optional dependency

[15:27:11] <temporalfox> on Vert.x Shell

[15:27:19] <temporalfox> perhaps there are other proejct that could benefit that