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[08:08:14] <Nash> Hi. i am testing vertx mail client. is it possible to use it for sending bulk mails?

[08:09:44] <Nash> like sending mail in loop?

[08:24:35] <cescoffier> Nash: I would think so - just send them in a loop as you say

[08:26:14] <Nash> yes… it works quite good… i tested with 40 messages in a loop.. and it completed within 2 seconds !..but in real world api,some verticle may call it multiple times resulting batch execution.

[08:28:30] <Nash> Now is it possible to use that as a independent service which may be called by non vertx application(JAVA only). i mean RPC/RMI style call.. no REST

[09:07:27] <cescoffier> Nash: you can create a `service` that send your mails.

[09:08:07] <cescoffier> so it can run on a separated node

[09:08:50] <Nash> ok. i will check documentation for that

[09:45:59] <cescoffier> Nash: you can check this example:

[09:48:58] <Nash> ok thanx.

[10:18:45] <Shiv> Hi, I have implemented JDBC Auth provider with Sqlite and added couple of more fields like FirstName & LastName

[10:19:07] <Shiv> How do i get FirstName & LastName after successful authentication ?

[10:19:25] <Shiv> .principle() is giving only username

[10:19:47] <Shiv> any thoughts ?

[10:37:40] <pmlopes> Shiv: the jdbc implementation only returns the username, if you need more you need to fetch it after

[11:09:25] <Shiv> @pmlopes - Thank you

[13:01:17] <msavy> temporalfox: shall i open a separate issue for the `@DataObject(generateAll=true)` feature request?

[13:01:35] <temporalfox> I'm implemting it at the moment

[13:01:38] <temporalfox> let's wrap this up

[13:01:40] <msavy> oh, thanks :-)

[13:01:45] <temporalfox> I'm in holidays tomorrow

[13:01:51] <temporalfox> well anyone could do it

[13:01:58] <temporalfox> but well, let's finish the feature too :)

[13:02:05] <msavy> no rush at all, i just wanted to make your life easier!

[13:02:05] <temporalfox> and your usage would provide extra feedback

[13:02:24] <msavy> yes, that's the least i can do

[13:02:25] <msavy> thanks!

[13:02:40] <msavy> and enjoy your holidays; hope you're going somewhere nice

[13:04:56] <temporalfox> I pushed it

[13:05:04] <temporalfox> I'm going in Corsica

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[13:50:07] <AlexLehm> cescoffier: the mail client has a service proxy implementation already

[13:50:33] <cescoffier> AlexLehm“ oh right, forgot about this

[14:29:33] <Sticky> so with the vertx-unit framework, is there still no way of doing a asynchronus “before” phase?

[14:30:56] <Sticky> when working with junit annotations that is

[14:38:00] <temporalfox> Sticky yes

[14:38:22] <temporalfox> just add a TestContext to the before method and do the usual async stuff

[14:39:27] <Sticky> so context.async().complete(); to the context handed to the before method means the before is done? Not that the whole test is done?

[14:40:20] <Sticky> and the test will not start until context.async().complete() has been called on the before stuff?

[15:05:56] <temporalfox> yes

[15:06:12] <temporalfox> Sticky yes, the test will wait until TestContext is “resolved”

[15:17:36] <cescoffier> Sticky: look at - there is an example

[15:17:55] <cescoffier> @Before

[15:17:55] <cescoffier> public void setUp(TestContext context) {

[15:17:56] <cescoffier> vertx = Vertx.vertx();

[15:17:56] <cescoffier> vertx.deployVerticle(MyFirstVerticle.class.getName(),

[15:17:58] <cescoffier> context.asyncAssertSuccess());

[15:17:58] <cescoffier> }

[17:03:17] <Permafrost> Hello everyone! Straight to a question: The require-function of which module is used in vertx.js to load all its seperate modules?

[21:25:38] <Permafrost> Hello everyone. I try to write a TCP-client with vertx-js. However, I can't get it to load the necessary module. The snippet “require(“vertx-js/vertx”);” simply does not execute properly. At the moment, I am using require.js for the module loading. It does not even seem to enter the module at all as tactically placed alerts do not fire at all.

[21:26:35] <Permafrost> Which kind of Javascript-software is needed to actually load the vertx.js and it's included modules?

[21:40:26] <temporalfox> Permafrost you need to use CommonJS I think

[21:41:14] <temporalfox> by the way by default you don't need the vertx module I think to create a net client

[21:41:29] <temporalfox> as the “vertx” property is bound to the vertx instance

[21:41:40] <temporalfox> you just call vertx.createNetClient()

[21:41:45] <temporalfox> for instance

[21:41:45] <temporalfox>

[21:42:08] <temporalfox> here is a server example that uses require :

[21:43:05] <Permafrost> Is CommonJS a downloadable peice of software or simply a way of code organization?

[21:44:08] <Permafrost> I searched the web for answers and there are several implementations of the code organization

[21:44:18] <Permafrost> like require.js

[21:48:27] <Permafrost> Something has to give me a require-function which is able to load the module as described by some standards. require.js doesn't seem to do the job. I wonder, which software does it or if I actually have to write something myself which encapsulates the whole module-tree of vertx

[22:01:51] <Permafrost> Without a functionality to load the module, vertx is unusable in Javascript while it works almost like a charm in Java