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[08:41:53] <DP2015> I opened up a project i was playing with a month or so ago, reloaded dependencies but cannot get it to compile. SEVERE: io/vertx/core/logging/impl/LoggerFactory

[08:41:54] <DP2015> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: io/vertx/core/logging/impl/LoggerFactory

[08:41:56] <DP2015> at io.vertx.ext.apex.impl.RouterImpl.<clinit>(

[08:42:01] <DP2015> something i am missing?

[08:44:16] <DP2015> using 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT

[09:12:51] <cescoffier> DP2015 - you should replace apex by vertx web

[09:29:02] <DP2015> ok thanks

[09:51:51] <DP2015> has vertx-mysql-postgresql-service changed to something else?

[09:52:58] <DP2015> i am having problems with io.vertx.ext.asyncsql i think i have an old dependency but cannot find the issue

[09:57:31] <DP2015> never mind found it is now client

[11:05:35] <lexey4eg> Hi, if we talk about Vert.x v.3… Do i have any benefits when starting apps from command line (using vertx distribution)? And what about hot reload, is it works in v.3 and is it possible to configure IDE's for hot reloading?

[11:15:49] <aesteve> lexey4eg: I think there's a thread on the Google group where we discuss this

[11:16:23] <aesteve> basically now, everything can be packaged as a fatJar, so “java -jar” simply works

[11:26:21] <aesteve> lexey4eg:

[11:26:45] <aesteve> and re. IDE debugging / hot-reloading

[11:27:48] <aesteve> debugging just works fine, simply configure your IDE to use io.vertx.core.Starter with arguments “run YourVerticle”

[11:28:17] <aesteve> and redeploying verticle, I think purplefox mentionned it could be an option but non-documented

[11:50:38] <lexey4eg> Thx

[11:51:19] <lexey4eg> Do we have a public repository vertx repo with 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT version (to run v3 examples) or i should build it myself?

[12:23:08] <purplefox> lexey4eg: we use oss.sonatype for snapshots

[12:43:13] <AlexLehm> purplefox: after i fixed a few bugs in the connection pool I got back to working through the issues yesterday

[12:43:50] <AlexLehm> purplefox: we could talk about if the idle timeout is useful or not

[14:01:10] <pmlopes> temporalfox: i am trying to get the polyglot examples to build but i see lots of these exceptions: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: List MethodSignature[name=forEach,parameters=[java.util.function.Consumer<?>],varargs=false] method not supported, i though this was the allowed way of iterate a list

[14:01:18] <temporalfox> pmlopes hi

[14:01:27] <pmlopes> sorry i meant a map

[14:01:35] <temporalfox> it should work I think

[14:02:06] <temporalfox> this works :

[14:03:13] <cescoffier> aesteve lexey4eg automatic redeployment is achieved with vertx run …. -redeploy

[14:04:23] <cescoffier> aesteve lexey4eg the documentation is fairly new but already there:

[14:05:00] <aesteve> thanks cescoffier does it work with io.vertx.core.Starter, too ? (not only the command line) ?

[14:05:23] <cescoffier> not as a fat jar (as your verticle is inside)

[14:05:54] <cescoffier> but if you launch Starter with the right set of argument it _should_ work. However, never try myself

[14:06:19] <aesteve> yes but in the IDE you won't use fatJar (at least I don't)

[14:06:26] <aesteve> I'll try to

[14:11:55] <pmlopes> temporalfox: sorry again, i've located the issue, i was looking at the wrong source, it is here: lookup.result().forEach(json::add); the return of result is a java.util.List, what i am trying to achieve here is to convert a java list to a json array, also if i try: new JsonArray(lookup.result()); it also does not work, does this mean i need to write a for loop?

[14:12:09] <temporalfox> yes

[14:12:22] <temporalfox> but we could I think add this to the codetranslator too

[14:12:35] <temporalfox> at the end, it can be codetranslated if it exists in all languages we support

[14:12:42] <temporalfox> for instance Map.values()

[14:12:46] <temporalfox> exists in java and groovy

[14:12:53] <temporalfox> not sure it makes sense about JS and Ruby

[14:13:05] <temporalfox> I mean that the base JS object and Ruby Hash does

[14:13:27] <temporalfox> pmlopes otherwise you can use those apis but your example will not be code translated

[14:13:37] <temporalfox> so either there will not be an example in this language

[14:13:44] <temporalfox> or you will have to write it manually

[14:14:06] <pmlopes> that is not fine i think, i will try to adapt as much as possible to make it compile first

[14:15:44] <temporalfox> I've done some improvements recently

[14:15:49] <temporalfox> I added support for java.util.List

[14:15:52] <aesteve> cescoffier: it's working but I got a weird behavior I'll try to push a reproducer

[14:15:56] <temporalfox> with add / size()

[14:16:02] <temporalfox> and Arrays.asList(…)

[14:16:30] <temporalfox> pmlopes I think one issue at the moment in some examples in the usage of jsonObject.mergeIn

[14:16:42] <pmlopes> grrr… i replace the code with a loop and now i get: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1

[14:16:45] <temporalfox> that I think does not exist natively in other langs

[14:17:18] <pmlopes> yes i saw that one, i can quickly fix it my adding the properties individually

[14:17:35] <temporalfox> cool

[14:17:42] <temporalfox> the other issue is the one with

[14:17:47] <temporalfox>

[14:17:52] <temporalfox> I see fail(int) too

[14:18:10] <temporalfox> perhaps we could have a

[14:18:26] <temporalfox> I believe this could be codetranslated more easily

[14:33:33] <aesteve> cescoffier: here's the reproducer

[14:33:51] <cescoffier> aesteve thanks, going to have a look today

[14:34:18] <aesteve> no hurry, I think not a lot of people use hot-redeploy in their IDE… but at least we have a reproducer :)

[16:01:59] <pmlopes> temporalfox: all web examples are now polyglot

[16:04:55] <temporalfox> awesome!!!!

[16:05:03] <temporalfox> do they execute fine ?

[16:05:08] <temporalfox> I think some have issues to resolve

[16:05:10] <temporalfox> the auth*

[16:05:23] <temporalfox> it works if you copy the config file in the good directory

[16:05:31] <temporalfox> because of the “classpath:”

[17:00:14] <purplefox> temporalfox: cescoffier hi guys - vertx-examples build is currently failing for me and on CI

[17:00:33] <purplefox> [ERROR] /home/tim/projects/vert-x3/vertx-examples/service-proxy-examples/service-provider/src/main/java/io/vertx/examples/service/[18,59] incompatible types: java.lang.String cannot be converted to long

[17:00:58] <cescoffier> hum, something wrong with the merge

[17:01:02] <cescoffier> will fix it immediately

[17:21:00] <cescoffier> purplefox is this during a maven build ?

[17:21:29] <cescoffier> (looks like it, weird, it don't have it)

[17:22:12] <cescoffier> hum, can you try with a mvn clean package -U - you may have an _old_ vert.x service proxy

[17:29:40] <purplefox> the problem seems to be ProcessorServiceVerticle does this:

[17:29:41] <purplefox> new ProcessorServiceVertxProxyHandler(vertx, service, “vertx.processor”)

[17:30:06] <purplefox> but the constructor expects this:

[17:30:07] <purplefox> ProcessorServiceVertxProxyHandler(Vertx vertx, ProcessorService service,

[17:30:07] <purplefox> long timeoutInSecond)

[17:31:01] <purplefox> it also fails on cloudbees with the same problem:

[17:31:02] <purplefox>

[17:31:31] <purplefox> are you sure you don't have some local changes that haven't been pushed yet?

[17:31:46] <purplefox> e.g. in vertx-service-proxy

[17:34:36] <temporalfox> purplefox it's my bad

[17:34:38] <temporalfox> I will fix it asap

[17:35:20] <temporalfox> it should be ok now

[17:37:53] <purplefox> np. thanks :)

[18:27:01] <aesteve> I've made a very simple proxy example

[18:27:19] <aesteve> that'd be cool if someone could take a look :)