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 ====== How to upload images from Greenshot to Jumpshare ====== ====== How to upload images from Greenshot to Jumpshare ======
-Jumpshare.com has released ​Windows app that supports uploading images by drag-n-drop, however this can currently be directly included into Greenshot (I have requested the missing upload ​feature, let's see how that pans out).+** Unfortunately this approach doesn'​t work anymore since Jumpshare update broke the drag'n'drop feature ​and it looks like Jumpshare is not willing to fix that **
-The easiest way to upload ​a screenshot ​to Jumpshare ​is to use Copy to Clipboard and choose upload from Clipboard ​in the Jumpshare ​tray app.+[[https://​jumpshare.com|Jumpshare.com]] has released an updated Windows app that supports running the exe with a filename as argument ​to upload ​the file. 
 +This works directly with Greenshot, all you have to do is to configure the path of your Jumpshare installation as an external program ​in Greenshot, e.g. C:​\Users\(yourname)\AppData\Local\Jumpshare\Jumpshare.exe (check ​the target of the desktop icon link if you are not sure) and you will get an export icon for Jumpshare. 
 +(yes, I know you can take screenshots with Jumpshare directly, but I am a big fan of Greenshot, so I'm sticking with that)